Tent and awning cleaning

We all know the importance of keeping our tents and awnings free from harmful deposits. When cleaning, we remove the grime that they have collected over the season, ie salt deposits, recent moulds, and general airborne dirt particles.

The cleaning process begins with soaking, and extra stain removal, then the drying process, followed by re-proofing, before inspection in the workshop for servicing or repairs.

Our deep-cleaning method prolongs the life of the stitching.


  • Removes harmful deposits
  • Removes airborne dirt and grime
  • Removes recent mould and mildew
  • Prolongs the life of your tent / awning



  • Tents / awnings are soaked in tanks of top grade cleaning and sterilising fluids
  • Extra stain removal applied if required
  • Rinsed off
  • Dried
  • Re-proofed
  • Inspected in the workshop for servicing and repairs - plus storage if required